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You may have sought out our website for a wide range of reasons. If you are a woman who has had personal experience of abortion like us, welcome. You may not even know exactly why you are here or cannot articulate what you are feeling right now. We are glad you have made it here. You have taken the first, brave step towards healing. We want you to know you are not alone and that there is hope, healing and restoration after abortion, no matter the reason for your choice.


Women Hurt is simply a portal to signpost you to avenues of help you may not have been aware even existed. It is up to you to choose which one is a best fit for you and where you are on your healing journey right now. We are not an organisation. We are not counsellors. We are simply women who have walked in your shoes.


A conservative estimate is that 1 in 3 women, by the age of 45, will have had at least one abortion in their life. The silent reverie around this fact doesn’t mean that abortion was an awesome procedure. Quite the contrary. Abortion impacts a woman’s body, soul and mind. The simple fact that post abortive women like us, rarely share this truth with others, confirms that abortion often has unforeseen consequences.


On the site you will find some stories of women, just like you, who chose abortion. Our circumstances may have been similar or very different to yours but the fact remains – we chose abortion too. You are not going crazy. We know you fear judgement and perhaps feel that if you take the lid off the box of your feelings, you won’t be able to cope. Abortion recovery courses and programmes are designed to help you work through those emotions in a safe, confidential environment with people who know your pain.


We have added extensive resources to the site recently including abortion recovery courses which you can access on the island of Ireland. All those listed, our women have personal experience of and would recommend. There is a variety because we are all unique individuals and rather like our clothing, ‘one size’ most certainly doesn’t fit all.


We chose abortion. We can also exercise our choice in our healing journey without feeling guilt & shame for doing so.


Know this – we are for you, not against you. Be encouraged that many women just like you have found healing and you can too.

We are women who have experienced abortion.


Our abortions have had a negative impact on our lives.


We want to share our stories and enable others to do likewise.


We wish to reach out to other women hurt by abortion and encourage them to seek help and healing.

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