A Message from Lynn Coles

We set up WOMEN HURT in 2011 as we realised there was a serious lack of services and
resources for women on the island of Ireland, who have chosen abortion and were actively
seeking healing. That was 9 years ago and a lot has happened since with the legislation
change in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Even more so, we feel women have a right to know about abortion recovery help they may
wish to access. We have added much to the site in this update to help guide post abortive
women to the help you are seeking. Maybe you feel unable to process your emotions right
now so buying a book resource on Amazon is about your limit. That’s ok. Have a look
through our various pages and look at the resources we have highlighted. These are a
small selection of what is actually available but we chose to recommend those we, as post
abortive women ourselves, have personal experience of. We may add new resources as
they are brought to our attention.


It is fair to say, that all we have recommended are Christian based programmes. Fact:
there are no others! I am a Christian woman having been redeemed by God in 1993. I
have a personal relationship with Him. God brought my abortion to the fore over a period
of time after I became a Christian and led me to Christian counselling and subsequently an
abortion recovery course. God’s healing and restoration is what transformed my life.


Psalm 56:8 says:
“You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.”


God is never blind to your tears. He is never deaf to your prayers and nor is He silent to
your pain. He sees, He hears and He will deliver you. You don’t have to sort your life out
before you can come to God. He accepts you just as you are but He doesn’t want to leave
you that way! He has much more in store for your life – He wants you to have an abundant


The Guttmacher Institute’s 2014 Patient Survey of abortion clinics in the USA, found that
many abortion clients ticked the box for religious affiliation on their forms:-
• 24% were Catholic
• 17% Mainline Protestant
• 13% Evangelical Protestant
• 8% Other religious affiliation
• 38% No religious affiliation


So, more religious than secular women choose abortion. Spiritually sensitive souls often
go against their own heart’s leading and their moral code, when choosing abortion. It’s
easy to do when you consider it will spare your family any shame or scandal in religious
circles. If you have been wounded by seeing or by being shouted at by protestors outside
the abortion clinic you attended, this may colour your view on ‘religious’ people. I
understand. I am sorry if that was your experience. Their words and actions wounded you
even more than you were already. Don’t let their actions keep you from seeking help from
a Christian based abortion recovery programme.


You will be welcomed with open arms, you will be loved and you will be supported. You
have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am a firm believer in Biblical counselling
working in tandem with professional CBT counselling as well as medical treatment if
required. Don’t rule either one out.


If you are one of us, you know that the memories of your abortion can be painful and
that true peace seems elusive to you. Maybe you have triggers to these memories such
as seeing a child who would be the same age as your aborted child or simply a smell, a
sound or a song sends you right back there. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can’t go
back to the people we were before our abortions. Abortion is one of the few ‘choices’ in
life where we cannot reverse the decision. But, we can choose to take the courageous
step to move forward and be freed from our past in order that we can live in our future.


If you are struggling today and even looking through our resources is just too much for
you, can I humbly suggest trying one thing. Go to this link and work through Module 1 on the Her Choice To Heal site. You can do this in the comfort of your own home on one of
your devices. If you have questions, you can contact the Team at the site in total


If you have no faith and no desire to reach out to an abortion recovery course listed but
are still struggling with your feelings about your abortion, we respect that. It is your
choice. I would recommend visiting your own GP. Perhaps print off our Abortion PTSD
checklist, complete it and take it with you. Sometimes we can be intimidated visiting
the Doctor. Maybe book a 20 minutes appointment and rehearse or write down what you
want to cover. If it helps, ask to see a female GP. They can then medically assess you
and hopefully refer you on for professional counselling help. If they don’t help you –
find another Doctor who will. You can always contact us for advice.


Don’t suffer in silence. Your mental health matters and so do you.


Take care
Lynn x

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