Men and Abortion

If you are struggling with feelings about a past abortion experience, we want you to know you are not alone. These are legitimate feelings and emotions are common to many men who have participated in abortion or been touched in some way by abortion. You might be asking yourself if you have any right to feel pain or distress over the loss of your aborted child. The simple answer is yes.

It is a myth that men are not affected by abortion. A conservative estimate is that the ripple effect of one abortion can affect the lives of up to 45-50 people. This includes the fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and uncles.

Some symptoms can be: Intense, uncontrolled anger, depression/isolation, low self-esteem, fragile ego, feelings of inadequacy, mistrust of women, difficulty in establishing and maintaining close relationships with others; inability to commit to marriage, overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame, remorse or anxiety, wounds from an absentee or abusive father are triggered, sexual dysfunction including impotence and pornography addiction, suicidal ideation.

I often times wonder what she/he would have looked like. How old would he/she have been? What about a name? I wonder many things.Steven.

As I reached out to different people for help, there were few who understood why I was in so much pain. ‘Just get over it… it was only an abortion’ they would tell me. But I could not. It was more than just an abortion. I had lost my child, and no one seemed to understand. Jason Baier, Fatherhood Forever.

There is hope and healing for men after abortion.


Please click on abortion recovery if you wish to seek help. There are different pathways you can choose.

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