A Message from Bernadette Goulding

I have been working in abortion recovery since 2003.  I have been privileged to meet and help so many wonderful women who have suffered the loss of their children to abortion.  As a society we know how to debate about abortion as a political issue but we don’t know how to talk about it in an intimate and personal level.  There is no social norm for dealing with abortion loss.  There are no ceremonies, whether joyous or mournful.  Instead we try to ignore it.


We set up Women Hurt as a portal for women who regret and are suffering in silence.  So many women tell me that carrying this big secret has been such a huge burden for them.  Many had never shared that secret with anyone. Abortion encourages isolation and secrecy.  Perhaps your identity has been wrapped up in shame, guilt and self loathing, or despair. Who would you be without this heart ache and grief?  Please don’t let this fear paralyze you.


I have facilitated over 150 Rachel’s Vineyard retreats since I began here in Ireland in 2003, and have witnessed the amazing healing that takes place on these amazing weekends.


I have also been privileged to have facilitated retreats and trained  teams in the RV process in many other countries, UK, Scotland, Malta, Faroe Islands, Lebanon, South Korea, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and South Africa.  I have listened to the stories of grief and loss from women and men of faith and no faith.  The tears of the Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical and atheist are all the same. It is a Universal experience.


For so many women, the decision to have an abortion is one made in fear and panic and with tunnel vision.  Many times others can manipulate and pressure us to see abortion as the only solution. 


Many people often see abortion as a woman’s problem, but many men experience deep levels of pain and grief from their participation in abortion. Many couples participate in a retreat and it is a wonderful opportunity for healing the many wounds affecting their relationships in the aftermath of abortion.


All who are touched by abortion, men, women, siblings, and grandparents, all are in need of forgiveness and healing.


Email us or call us.  We are here to help you find healing and peace in your life.  You will be greeted with compassion and respect.


C.S. Lewis said: “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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