Abortion Recovery

Women Hurt consists of women who regret the decision to opt for abortion but have found hope, help and healing over time.

We wish to reach out to women in similar situations to let them know that the same help is available to them. Women Hurt does not recommend any specific abortion recovery programme but encourages women seeking help to read the testimonies of women who found healing after abortion and look for the programme or counselling service that best suits their needs.

Some members of Women Hurt are professional counsellors but the purpose of the group is not to engage directly in counselling but to share our testimonies and make women aware of the professional help that is available to them.

If you have been personally affected by abortion, we strongly urge you to take time to explore all the options open to you. Remember that hope, help and healing is possible in every situation not matter how painful or traumatic.

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Some members of Women Hurt asked if current studies could be included on the site. They have found strength in the knowledge that what they went through was not ‘imagined’ or ‘invented’. They found assurance in knowing that everything they have suffered someone else has too.  We have chosen to recommend the following study which is a qualitative paper and we feel touches the issues for many of us about our reaction to our abortions:

Women’s reflections upon their past abortions: An exploration of how and why emotional reactions change over time.  By P Goodwin & J Ogden. Published in Psychology and Health February 2007; 22(2): 231–248. Access it here.
(- The article is about 150 KB in size and is in PDF format. It may open in a new tab in your browser or may be downloaded to your Downloads folder.)